Swag Stores

  • Great Fundraiser
  • Easy Ordering
  • Individual Shipping
  • Swag for everyone!


  • Inquire -------->

    When your ready for your team, organization, work or school to get some swag we have you covered! There is a $100 setup fee, after that we can set up fundraising if you want. Many brands to choose from!

  • Store Build -------->

    Store buildout will depend on the number of items and designs you are looking for. Standard time for a typical store is 3-5 days to have it set up.

  • Approval / Fundraising ---->

    Once the store is built. You will get a link to review the store and approve it. At this time is when you make any changes. Once store is final and open. Changes will require a fee. This is where we can set up fundraising options if you wish.

  • Store Dashboard

    We provide you with a store dashboard. What this does is allows you as the store owner to track sales, orders, and fundraising real time.

  • Produciton

    Once the store closes we will start to process all the orders. Production will depend on the amount of orders. Typically we see 2-3 weeks from the time of store closure.

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